About Us

HUB4IT Sp. z o. o. is a place where we combine the design needs of clients and the experience of candidates from the IT sector.

We believe that we can do everything together

HUB4IT Ltd. is a place where we combine the project needs of Clients with the best experiences of Candidates from the IT sector. Our team of experts, with many years of experience, has often worked with the best Candidates and the most demanding Clients, being responsible for achieving goals, building long-lasting relationships, and ensuring the highest quality of the recruitment process. We invite you to contact us using the application form.
Years of our experience in working with corporations, IT companies and recruitment agencies whose logos are recognizable in Poland and around the world have allowed us to create a unique place for Candidates and Clients, which we decided to call HUB4IT, hoping that the name and character of this place will be favored building relationships between all parties.
We perfectly understand the issues related to the recruitment process of IT engineers, but above all, we are able to understand the real needs of the client in the recruitment process, IT projects and interpersonal relations. Every day we work for common success, which is measured by relationships and the agile combination of all links into a unified whole.

The high competitiveness of our industry requires us to constantly improve our work and be open to new ideas. That's why we constantly challenge ourselves and automate some of our work in line with current IT trends on the market, believing that in this way we set new standards in candidate and business client service.

We help large and small companies!

HUB4IT is a company whose main task is to source the best IT Candidates for projects on behalf of Our Clients. Our primary goal is to assist in recruitment for smaller, specialized software development firms, as well as large consulting companies that support the optimization of solutions for their end clients. Every day, we expand our circle of professionals, whom we delegate to new IT recruitments for positions that directly meet the needs of Our Clients. What sets us apart is our innovative approach to recruitment, thanks to which we have a high candidate match rate that translates into the quality of our recommendations and the speed of closing the entire recruitment process. 

We invite you to contact HUB4IT.


The management of HUB4IT consists of experienced leaders and practitioners in 360 recruitment. They build relationships, care for quality, and support Clients.