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HUB4IT Sp. z o. o. is a place where we combine clients' design needs and industry experience of the IT sector. Our team of experts with many years of experience in working with business clients, searching for jobs and connecting candidates with the best IT projects on the market, is responsible for building relationships and taking care of the image of the candidate and the client in the recruitment process.

Our services

We develop comprehensive strategies and digital solutions, using experience that empowers people, not just the company's positioning.

Body Leasing

This is one of the most interesting services gaining popularity in the IT industry, of course, if it meets the requirements of all parties involved. Thanks to this service, companies save time by bypassing the classic recruitment process, save money, and gain access to the Candidate, thus enabling a natural synergy of mutual needs and expectations in a place called HUB4IT.

IT Team Delivery

No matter what industry you are in, if you utilize process automation or advanced tools, sooner or later you will need to have an IT team on board. Teams creating software or applications must be effective and efficient, just like the network, security systems, or data backup systems. How they operate and how you organize them is part of your organization's culture. HUB4IT can help in providing any team at any time.

Team Extension / Team Augmentation

This service is a reflection of an agile team management strategy, or the AGILE approach. It was created in accordance with the SCRUM project management framework model. Specialists from HUB4IT are capable of communicating project requirements for the backlog, where task execution takes place within the framework of a sprint or project team meetings.

Managed Services

It is nothing else but the outsourcing of a key business service and entrusting an external company with the ability to manage it based on guidelines from the Business Client. HUB4IT provides scalable and specialized teams focused on managing such services and supports key process services in their Clients' companies.

Permanent IT recruitment

Permanent recruitment is nothing other than the realization of the direct search method aimed at finding the best Candidate for an IT position. This service is characterized by specific parameters in terms of experience, knowledge of the indicated technology, foreign languages, availability, the Candidate's rate, and variable parameters in the form of location, education, or even knowledge of industry solutions.

IT consulting

Hiring candidates in IT can be a real challenge, which is why we aim to educate our clients at every stage. Consulting is a service we dedicate to all companies wanting to genuinely influence the improvement of the recruitment process, optimization of recruitment activities, as well as support in the area of employment and onboarding of individual candidates.

Customer stories

An Excellent Partner

HUB4IT is an outstanding Business Partner for challenging times. Thanks to their excellent work organization, high responsiveness, and ability to find valuable candidates, we decided to entrust them with our recruitment processes. We are currently expanding our collaboration to include more positions and recruitments, aiming to build a competitive advantage in the services we offer in the current job market.

Intuition and Experience

Our Business Partner, HUB4IT, has demonstrated great intuition and experience in organizing recruitment processes for IT positions. Thanks to their expertise, we have strengthened our IT department with key competencies in infrastructure and security and prepared the environment for the implementation of a new system designed to support our company's key business and operational processes.
IT Infrastructure Manager

Work Gained Momentum

Thanks to our collaboration with HUB4IT, we were able to address the growing needs in assembling an IT team responsible for application testing. By freeing up resources, work gained momentum, and the application's acceptance tests were positive. We are currently preparing for new IT projects and anticipate further collaboration with HUB4IT based on new competencies we will be seeking.

Current job offers

HUB4IT invites you to check out the current job offers. New roles will be available soon.


The management of HUB4IT consists of experienced leaders and practitioners in 360 recruitment. They build relationships, care for quality, and support Clients.

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